Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm a Winner!!!

Note the gash above the right brow.  That one is the inspiration for this post.
The one on her forehead occurred later in the day (the result of a topple into a coffee table!)
I guess the girl takes after her Mama...Call her "Grace"!

I never want to give the impression that I am some kind of super mom.  Sometimes it is easy (and most rewarding) to post only my shining moments.  The kind of moments that were created out of happy children and winning parenting skills.  The reality is, those moments are closely followed by the not so winning parenting moments.  I try to find a healthy balance of discipline and fun, and to teach my children a lesson through their (and my) mistakes whenever possible.   All that to say....

This morning I had great intentions.

I started my day with prayers for each of the kids.  I've been trying to do that more and more (thank you Angie :).  Most days, before my feet even hit the ground, I pray for patience, faith, self-control, understanding, good times, and growth.....for all of us.  I want us all (including me and Chris) to practice those things throughout our days.  Today, however, started out especially difficult considering I could already hear the older two kids fighting in the den before I even opened my eyes good.  It was not going to be pretty.

I have a morning policy that most of my loved ones understand pretty well.  I don't like to make any decisions or have any important conversations until I have had at least 1 cup of coffee.  I know, I know....  It's just the way it is around this house!  Sadly, Lucy has picked up on this morning ritual, and she usually joins me for that very first cup (don't worry, hers is more milk than coffee).  Well, today, they didn't even let me get to the kitchen before I had to break up the first fight, and that never starts me out on the right foot.  I was determined to turn this thing around.  

Mid-morning, I decided to throw all the kids in the bathtub.  We have a party tonight, and it would be less hassle (plus, a warm bath is always good for turning their moods around)!  I quickly bathed Greer and got the big kids started.  After I dressed her, the other two were ready to get out and get dressed.  In the process, they proceeded to dump about half to the contents of the tub onto my bathroom floor, but I rushed them off to find some clothes while I cleaned it up.  

Two minutes later, I can hear them fighting upstairs (monitors are good for more than just listening to your sleeping newborn).  I ran to the bottom of the stairs and I screamed at the top of my lungs calmly asked them to come down.....NOW!  At that precise moment, I hear Greer screaming in my bathroom.  I run and grab her (she actually quits crying immediately) and return to the stairs where my naked children are patiently waiting on the third step.  Chris has heard the ruckus from his downstairs office and came up to help with the beating disciplining.  Just as we were doling out the punishments (no DS for Reeves and no "Max and Ruby" for Lucy), I noticed the blood.

Yes, I said Blood!

Greer had a gash just above her eye, right on top of her Port Wine Stain.  It seemed to be gaping a bit, and was oozing bright red blood.  LOVELY!!!  What a great mom am I!!!!

There I stood....screaming at the big kids while my baby was bleeding in my arms.  How's that for a winning mommy moment?  I know many of you can relate, or at least will feel better about yourselves by hearing such a story.  I live to serve, my friends, live to serve!!!


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

To grandmother's house we went!

We just spent the past three days in the little bitty town in west Alabama where both my parents grew up.  In fact, all four of my grandparents still live there, and it is wonderful to be able to visit with everyone all in one trip (aunts, uncles, and all my grandparents).  To say that my kids love going there is truly an understatement.  They have a blast every time, and we should really do it more often.  

During the past 3 days, we ate some really great food (beans, greens, and cornbread were at the top of the list), slept in very comfy beds (thanks to my grandmother, Bubba, who makes the best bed in the Northern Hemisphere), and slowed down a bit (well, at least when Greer was sleeping).  It was nice to unplug for a few days (no internet access or cell service really makes for a relaxing time)!  In this New Year, I am going to try to go for a visit at least every couple of months....who knows how much longer I will have my grandparents (all four still married and living in their own homes) living like they are now.  It is such a gift to spend time with them and to have the opportunity for my children get to know them.  I am feeling immensely blessed.  Thank you God for Bubba and Poppa and Nana and Granddaddy!

And, well,  as for the rest of our free time...

Reeves has been doing a whole lotta this!

All three of the kids have been doing not enough of this!
(although I did manage to get them in the bath this morning for the
first time in who knows how long!!!)

And after they got all clean...we all enjoyed a gloriously beautiful day together!

It was sunny and warm and gorgeous!!  The big kids had a blast exploring all around Bubba and Poppa's house.  They hiked, climbed, and played in the mud (I actually had to change Reeves' clothes 3 times before we finally left to head home).  They climbed trees, ran, and slid down hills on cardboard boxes.  But most of all....we laughed. Reeves, Lucy, and Greer laughed and loved and spent time with their Great-Grandparents!  What a BLESSING that is!!!  

I just wish I had more pictures to share.  Turns out, great-grandparents houses are not exactly kid friendly.  I spent the better part of the past 3 days keeping Greer alive (i.e. away from stairs and gas space heaters) and attempted to keep their treasures intact!  Didn't leave a lot of time for snapping shots!  Maybe next time! 

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Days at Home

We're home for the holidays this year, and it has been really nice.  We usually travel up to see my parents (who are only an hour away), but this year we have totally been vegging out at home.  It has been really fun and relaxing.  Chris has been home a good bit, too, and we have really been catching up on our "family" time.  Because of our work schedules, we don't get a lot of time together (I work every other weekend).  It has been nice to have several days together at home.

The kids have played with all their new toys, stayed up late, stayed in their pjs till 2 in the afternoon, eaten breakfast at 10 am and dinner at 3 pm, slept in the den, bathed whenever they felt like it, and watched every Christmas movie known to man.  What could be better?

I know this sounds a bit indulgent.  I know that it sounds like I am a really permissive parent, but the truth is, I am so happy to see my children enjoying this freedom.  They need this kind of freedom every once in a while, and it is so good for them.  Don't get me wrong....they thrive on routine.  I know that there will be a point where enough will be enough.  In fact, tonight they fell asleep on the couch at 7 o'clock.  But, they are gonna love the memories of Christmas break.  They will remember the chance they had to eat Hershey's kisses at 9:30 in the morning, and take a bath after lunch.  THIS is what life is ALL about!

These are the days that I will remember forever and ever.  I love this time with my kiddos!  All that said, I know we'll all be happy to get back to our regular routine in a week or so.  Till then......

Monday, December 22, 2008

Not me!, Monday

It's that time again!  "Not Me! Monday" is a blog carnival hosted by my friend MckMama over at  It's a chance for all us perfect moms to have a little time to be brutally honest about our perfect lives, children, houses, families....

So in the spirit of is my holiday version of "Not Me! Monday"!  Please head on over to MckMama's blog to check out more Not Me moments!!!  They are sure to NOT lift your spirits, too!

Today is NOT our first day off of school for over 2 weeks, and I did NOT have to have a "Come to Jesus" with my kiddos about behavior and expectations (they do NOT thrive on routine and the lack of structure does NOT make them a little wild and crazy).  After we all talked about our expectations (both mine and theirs), things did NOT get sooo much better! 

But, I must mention that Greer did NOT give me a look like this (along with her siblings) when I told them to sit down so we could talk.  They did NOT know that I was serious about getting a handle on our day before it spiraled out of control!!!  

I am not DYING to tell the kids that Santa has agreed to come one night early since I DO NOT have to work on Christmas Day.  I DO NOT think that they will be so excited that they will not drive me absolutely bonkers about it (with more questions than I really want to have to answer as to how I was NOT able to convince Santa to do such a thing).  

I have NOT got about a million things to do to get ready for my family to come in to town today (or tomorrow...they haven't decided when they are coming for sure), and I am NOT looking forward to reading some more "Not Me" posts as soon as I post mine.  

I did NOT cry the other night when I came home to find this special gift on my front door.  It did NOT make my heart swell with joy, knowing that my kids do not know what the true meaning of Christmas is all about!!!

I did NOT have a surprisingly wonderful day off yesterday (I was NOT supposed to have to work, and I did NOT get put "on call" and get to have an entire day at home with my family).  We did NOT have a great time visiting with Chris' family, and we did NOT eat lots of yummy food (NOT including yummy smores made by Chris and Reeves in the backyard firepit).

Now that the temperature has NOT hit below freezing, it does NOT finally feel like Christmas around here.  We did not have 2 weeks of dreary, muggy weather that felt more like the beginning of Spring instead of the week before Christmas.  

And if this is NOT the sweetest thing you have seen today, well then I am NOT surprised.  It was NOT such a sweet moment that I am NOT posting it again so you can see it here on "Not Me, Monday"!

Merry Christmas!!!  

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Christmas Card

Friday, December 19, 2008

And to all a "go" night!!!

It's way too late for me to be up doing this, but I just can't help myself.  I know that the next two days are going to hold nothing but work craziness (24 hours of work in 2 days is about all I can muster....blogging after I get off is just not gonna happen).  But tonight, my heart is swelling with such joy that I can't let the moment slip away without sharing it....

I had a girls night out with my sweet friend Angela.  We waited till the babies were all tucked in, and then we went for a nice leisurely stroll through Target followed by a was so much fun.  Right before I left, Reeves had decided that he wanted to draw a picture of the nativity.  I got really excited, too, and helped him put several pieces of paper together so he would have enough room to get it all in.  In his words, "I wanna draw it ALL".  So, he had me set up the little plastic manger scene he and his sisters play with and to tell him about everybody....just one more time.  He said he was going to do it "just exactly like it looks" and that he couldn't wait for me to see it when I got home.  

I know I shouldn't admit this, but I had totally forgotten about the whole thing (it was quite fun to have a completely kid/husband-free evening...sorry guys!), until we drove into the driveway and I saw this taped to the front door....

If that weren't enough to make me cry....look what he wrote!

I love my sweet precious baby boy.....and I thank the father above for sending His sweet baby boy.  He is the reason for the season.  

Night Y'all!  I'm going to go kiss my babies and head to bed. 

"Hi Santa!"

Well, If you want to know where the real Santa Claus is.....come to Birmingham!!!  The big kids were charmed as usual (and made sure to get in their wish list items) and Greer was absolutely mesmerized.  I mean, she never took her eyes off the dude!  So precious!!!  

I love this picture!  Look at the joy in Lucy's eyes as she watches Greer seeing Santa for the first time!  P.r.e.c.i.o.u.s.!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


A letter for a mother (and a great the picture above to find out more)....

Dear Mother,

By nature, I am a worrier.....and a bit of a control freak. These traits have never been my finest ones and they still can rear their ugly heads from time to time. As a child, I would make myself sick with worry (over a bad grade, a glass of spilled grape juice, an uncomfortable conversation, an unfortunate wardrobe get my drift)!  I would replay scenarios and situations over and over in my head with "what ifs" and "if only I hads" and I had a hard time getting over stuff. I would try to rationalize, and justify, and solve every scary situation with my own genius solutions. In the end, I never seemed to feel any better after trying to figure it out myself.  Thank goodness I finally figured out how God fit in.

I had some good years doing it God's way, and by trusting His plan....they were years of growth and happiness and peace. During that time, I found friends who would be there for a lifetime, a church home that would open new and amazing dimensions in my spiritual growth, and I found the strength to pursue the love of my soul mate. I have nothing but wonderful memories of those years. There was peace, trust, understanding, and hopefulness.

And the years went by, and I had my first baby.  A BOY baby (I had no idea what I was supposed to do with a boy, but I figured God knew what He was doing). It was a love so intense, and unimaginable, and those old feelings of control and worry made their way back into my fragile life.  I can look back now and see that it was probably postpartum depression/anxiety,and during that time, I couldn't even begin to understand how I could trust God to take care of this baby boy of mine.  He was totally and completely my responsibility (well, Chris' too) and I was overwhelmed with fear and worry.  It was as if the God whom I had trusted for all those years before was nowhere to be found....and I was too lost in myself to even know where or how to find Him.

I had trouble keeping the scary thoughts at bay.  What if he got hurt, what if he died in his sleep, what if he got scared while he was with the babysitter, what if his tummy hurt....what if, what if, what if!  I was eaten UP with guilt.  I mean, I'm talkin', "can't even take a shower for fear of leaving him alone for one tiny second" kinda guilt.  It was AWFUL!!!

And well, as you can imagine, that didn't work out for very long.  Slowly, but surely (through God's grace), He helped me out of the pit.  It was as if I woke up from a nightmare and God revealed something life changing to me.  It isn't very often that I really feel like I truly hear Him, but after that time of really did happen.

Do you know what He told me?  

"They're Mine!"  

In that moment, I gave my child (and my subsequent children) back to Him.  I began to understand that before they were mine, they were HIS.  They will always be His.  It was like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders....I can't even describe the freedom and joy and peace that that revelation brought to my life as a mother.  Instead of guilt, there was joy.  Instead of worry, there was peace.  Instead of doubt, there was hope.  I let go and let God.....and I prayed.

I prayed for them to become who HE would want them to be, and I quit worrying about who I thought they should be.  I praise him for giving me a baby who would only live in my womb for a few short weeks and for the chance to meet that baby (whom we named Tate) one day in heaven.  I thank him for the opportunity to show these precious souls what it means to live on this Earth and to love our Father in heaven.  For they belonged to Him before they belonged to me.  

Thank you God for giving me the chance to love these little souls....for before they were mine, they were YOURS!!!

May you find this same kind of Peace in your Motherhood journey!

Love from another Mother,

What would YOU write about YOUR journey into motherhood???   

Monday, December 15, 2008

2008 Christmas Tour of Homes


Welcome Y'all!  This Christmas (my first Christmas in the blogging world), I am excited to be a part of BooMama's Christmas Tour of Homes 2008!  Sit back, relax, and enjoy this fun little holiday excursion from the comfort of YOUR own home.  There are hundreds of homes on the tour this year, and I am looking forward to sitting down to take the virtual tour later tonight when the children are nestled all snug in their beds!  

Here's a glimpse at how we deck the halls!  Merry Christmas to all....and to all a Good Night!

I love to decorate with fresh cuts of holly and cedar.  And since it's the gotta add in just a *touch* of Magnolia!

This year, we add a new stocking to our mantle!  Sweet baby Greer will be ONE in January! It seems like she has been with us forever....have I mentioned how delicious she is?!

This is the tree that I decorated for only $35 dollars (including shipping and handling!).  I kid you NOT!!  It was my greatest EBay purchase EVER, and it has been sooooo worth the risk.  Wasn't sure what I might get when I won this huge lot of Christmas ornaments from a wholesale liquidator, but for bargain price of $11.....I would take my chances.  Every. single. item. you see on this tree came from that $11 win (well, except the bow)!  Hard to believe, but true!!!

We also have a BIG family tree that is in our basement (where we spend a lot of family time and Christmas morning).  I can't get down there to take a picture of it right now because Chris is busy working.  I'll be sure to show it off next year (or you may see it later on this month)!

The wreath my Mom made for reminds me so much of her (she loves rafia)!  It was among our first decorations as a married couple and I still love it!

This Christmas memory book is invaluable to me.  It holds all of the memories of our Christmases together as a family (9 years of memories so far!!!).  I love reading through it every is such a treasure.  The kids love it, too!  I stuff it full of our family Christmas cards and pictures.  I document every teeny, tiny detail (and if you enlarge this picture, you'll see that this was the year when I received my sweet little apple!)....all those things that are so easy to forget from year to year.  I'm usually crying by the time I'm done!

Here is Reeves' "all sports" tree....he loves him some Alabama football (if you couldn't tell by all that Crimson and White)!  The tree skirt out of shakers was totally his idea....pretty clever!

And Lucy's very "pink" tree!  She loves the tutu skirt and the white lights.  I have my eye on a pretty purple one for Greer....after-Christmas sales are my friend this year!  I'm working on my list as. we. speak!

My favorite Christmas dishes (that I haven't managed to pull out yet)'s kinda hectic around here!  My sweet mother-in-law has gotten them all for me over the past few years, and I just LOVE them!  I plan to enjoy at least a few meals on these before the season is through!

And of course....the REAL reason for the season!  I love this nativity (we have 3 or 4 and they are all very special to us!)  Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Just Imagine! A Challenge to ALL of us!!!

**Make Sure You Go to the Bottom and Pause My Music!**

I've really tried to spend a lot of this season talking to the kids about the impact that the economy is having on our Christmas this year.  We've really cut down on the things we buy, and we are trying to find ways to give back of our time and our money in ways that will remind us of the true meaning for the season.....

After I watched this video clip today....I was hopeful and challenged and changed.  Be in prayer about this and consider making a change.  Wow....wouldn't it be amazing if we could all just GET IT!!!!

Today, in the season of Advent, we light the candle of JOY!  Soon the baby Jesus will come!  JOY to the WORLD!


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Makin' Memories!

Just so you know....I DON'T live for my son's "come aparts" and I DO NOT EVER plan to hurt his feelings.  However, I have succeeded in that not once, but TWICE this week!  Basically, I am having some sad mommy moments when it comes to my first born.  It doesn't help that he is just exactly like me and that when things don't go quite as planned....well, the tears may roll.  

Thankfully, he is easily distracted and off to the next thing in no time.  Whew!  I was feeling pretty awful about this latest blunder...and he was NOT impressed by me.  Not One. Little. Bit!

You see, I had really good intentions.  When I saw this lovely gingerbread kit last night at Target, I decided that it would be a fun "Saturday afternoon" activity for us.  I mean, who doesn't like a good craft that involves some sweet treats!?

When they saw it on the counter this morning, they were beyond excited.  They drove me crazy till I finally decided to dive in and get to it.  Isn't it a cute little picture!?  How hard could it be?

It even came with some snowmen and a tree for them to decorate and eat!  Yummmmy!

So, it started out just fine.  Chris helped me construct it with icing and our four hands.  We set the timer for 30 minutes (the time they suggested before starting the decorations so that it would have time to set and harden).

As soon as that timer went off....they came running.  So far so good!  


Well, it just wasn't as easy as it looked like it would be.  And when all was said and done....THIS is what our Gingerbread House looked like!

NOT quite as pretty as the version on the box.  Reeves had "first child, perfectionist expectations" for this sweet little gingerbread house, and well, this is what he got.  And it was ALL MY FAULT!!!  I WAS the one who put on the icing, and I was the one who couldn't get the red balls to stay on top of the door, and I was the one that couldn't for the LIFE of me figure out how to make icicles hang from the rooftop!  And I thought it was HILARIOUS!!!  I couldn't stop laughing...even while he was crying.  Lucy couldn't quit laughing either!  Reeves, however, never got the humor at all!

And, well, he cried a bit, and pitched a little fit, and went to time out, and then he forgot about it.  All I can say is.....I will NEVER forget the day that we made the really ugly gingerbread house, and I can't wait till the day when he will laugh about it too!

Friday, December 12, 2008's late!

....and I really need to go to bed!  

I worked a full day in babyland (aka Labor and Delivery in my very busy and interesting hospital).  I don't share much of  *that* life with you here, and I may try to start sharing it a bit more.  It is a big, important part of who I am, and I love it (as crazy and twisted and joyful and wonderful and weird and surprising as it can sometimes be)!

I DID have to use my poker face today (on multiple occasions) when I heard things that would blow your mind, and I DID have fun working with 2 of my favorite girls, and I DID enjoy feeling a baby move in a patient's tummy and sharing with her how much I loved feeling those stirrings in my own womb.  Being a mommy sure makes me a better L&D nurse...that much is true!

It was a really. good. day!

P.S.  I happened to try a new treat at Starbucks today (the Carmel Apple Cider).  I HIGHLY recommend it!  Deeeelish-E-OHsOOO!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Time Out for Caden!

So, as you probably know, the elves get into mischief every now and then.  Actually, Caden is a fairly well behaved little elf, but every once in a while....well, you know.  It seems that usually the mischief is fairly innocent and it's usually pretty funny to find out what trouble he has gotten himself into.  

Night before last, however, little Caden made a terrible decision, and one little boy in this house was NOT amused.....not even one little bit!!!

Have you heard of reindeer food?  Well, it is a fun little craft that my kids have been making for the past few years at various Christmas parties and such.  It is usually a concoction of oats, glitter, sprinkles, etc.  That version is not really edible, and therefore there was never a temptation to sample the treat meant for Santa's eight little reindeer and Rudolph......

Until this year!  Reeves' sweet teacher, Mrs. A, has another OH SO Yummy version!  It's made of delicious granola, m&m's, white chocolate chips and is so very divine.  You see, it was one of those things that you can't get enough of.....not even if you are an elf!  Before we knew it,  Caden had eaten almost the ENTIRE bag!  He left the evidence on the kitchen counter, and when I discovered the mess the next morning with Caden covered in granola....well, I thought the kids would think it was hilarious, too.  

Think AGAIN!  Yeah, Reeves basically took one look at the disastrous scene and burst into the biggest crocodile tears you have ever seen.  It was pitiful!!!  Caden felt terrible about the huge violation and he's still trying to redeem himself!!!  Thankfully, Reeves was a bit appeased when he found Caden this the time out chair.  

I think Caden better stay out of trouble for at least a few days.... 

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


***Update***  My sister, Erin (aka Aunt Becca) reminded me that I need to tell you about this cool little mantel scene that Caden is sitting on!  Chris' Aunt Cathy gave it to us last Christmas, and the picture just doesn't do it justice.  It glows beautifully, and is such a treasure.  I wish you could see it in the dark!!!  Thanks Aunt Cathy for such an awesome always give us such treasured keepsakes!  Merry Christmas!

Many of my other blogging friends have introduced their elves, so I had to join in the fun!!!  Caden has returned for his second Christmas season in our home, and he is doing a great job keeping the kids in line.  I'm sure that his big sister, Katie, is very proud of him.  You see, Katie was our first elf, but alas, Katie was forced into retirement after only one Christmas with our kiddos....they simply loved her TOO much!

Yes, they loved her so much that her arm fell off and her face disappeared!!!  Katie decided that she should spend her elf retirement back at Santa's estate at the North Pole.  But never fear.....she sent a great replacement!

Meet CADEN!!!
(Katie's little brother)

Caden had some big (or should I say little) shoes to fill, and he has not disappointed!!!  Each day, he greets them with some surprise or another (mostly with some sort of mischief!), and he has even made a few trips to their special places!!!  Last week, he joined us for storytime, and just yesterday he went to school with Lucy.  While the class was in the library, Caden snuck out of Lucy's backpack and ransacked the room.....all of her friends were delighted!

I'll try to keep you posted of Caden's mis-adventures, if not by blog post, then by twitter!  

Merry Christmas to you all!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

For unto US a CHILD is Born!!!

Before you click PLAY....please go to the bottom and pause my music playlist!!!

Merry Christmas!

(Lucy is the first little kid to talk...aren't they all adorable!?)

Not me!, Monday

I have NOT missed out on the past 3 or so "Not me!" Mondays, and I have NOT been sad about it!  The past few weeks have NOT been VERY busy, but never fear!  I HAVE (I really have been) reading all the other "Not me!" moments, and they always brighten my day.  Make your way over to MckMama's blog for some brutally honest "Not me!" moments....they are sure to (NOT) disappoint!

Greer did NOT have her 5th laser surgery for her Port Wine Stain this past Tuesday, and we did NOT decide that a few errands were in order by about Thursday (there is only so long you can stay in the house with three little kiddos).  While we were at the Dollar General, a little old lady did NOT say to me, "WHAT did YOU DO to her?!" in a very judgemental, accusing tone.  I did NOT almost blurt out (for equal shock value), "Well, I burned her with cigarette butts, if it's any of your business!"  No, I chose NOT to go there, and instead I smiled and told her what really happened.  It NEVER ceases to amaze me what people will actually say out loud!!!  

I did NOT walk by my front doors (which are half glass) PRACTICALLY naked at the precise MOMENT my mailwoman (thank heavens) was knocking on my door!

I did NOT eat leftover chicken casserole and chips and salsa for breakfast a couple of mornings this week.  

I have NOT only gotten about half the Christmas decorations up.  Nope, I got ALL of the decorations up on the DAY after Thanksgiving, and my house is immaculately clean and glistening with Christmas cheer!!!

I did NOT catch Reeves having a battle of the nativity sets on the dining room table.  He did NOT let the plastic baby Jesus from his kid friendly nativity go head to head with a lamb from my treasured ceramic nativity!  Nope, that would be SO very UN-holy, and I would NEVER tolerate it ONE BIT!  

I did NOT cry last night at the end of the children's Christmas play at our church when Lucy proclaimed (in the sweetest little 4 year old voice)...."For unto US a child is born!"  I was NOT so proud of both my little actors (Reeves had a really big part, and he just SHINED!!!).  It did NOT warm my heart and truly get me in the Christmas spirit.

And, I do NOT have an entire house to clean today, and I will probably NOT spend Greer's naptime reading "Not me!" moments and  book 2 in the Twilight series!  Nope, NOT ME!!!

What about you?!


Friday, December 5, 2008

Lucy....with "AT-TI-TUUUUDE" is upon us!!!  This is just a little conversation I overheard this morning....

"Lucy, what do you want for breakfast?," Chris asked.

"Whatever..."  she replied.

"Do you want cereal, or grits, or waffles....what?"....he asked.

"I SAID.....WHAT-ever" she replied (with attitude, I might add)!

Cereal is presented.  With milk, spoon, and apple juice.


"You said "whatever," Lucy" Chris answered (with a bit of frustration in his voice)!

"I meant anything BUUUUTTTTT That!!!!"  She replied!

Seriously....we are THERE!!!  And, for the record.....we  did NOT tolerate the attitude!!!  

But, it DID make me laugh a little!  Chris was NOT amused!!!  I love a sassy girl....sometimes ;)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Prayer for a Birthmark Buddy in the UK

One of the blessings that has come from Greer's birthmark journey are the friends we have made along the way.  It is unbelievable how many friends we have come to know through support groups, google searches, blogs, conferences, and word of mouth.  I am so thankful for these friends and for the support, encouragement, understanding, information, and prayers they bestow upon us.  It is truly one of the main ways I have been able to get through this all so confidently.

I think I met Sharon through my blog (is that right Sharon?).  She was doing a search on the Internet concerning Port Wine Stains, and she found us.  She was interested enough in our story to contact me, and from there we became friends on Facebook.  Her little Remy has just turned 2, and she has a PWS on her beautifully precious face.  She is purely delicious (as is her baby sister Maddie).  We have swapped stories, pictures, concerns, and joys.  We've talked about faith and trusting God.  We've talked about doctors visits and treatment options.  I have been praying for sweet Remy and her mom, and thank God for bringing us together.

Remy has not yet been able to start laser treatments for her PWS.  There have been unforeseen obstacles, and Sharon has had to cancel treatments for Remy for now.  Remy has been very sick...and she can't seem to get better.  She had a terrible case of chicken pox several months ago, and has not been the same since.  She is weak and sickly, and her mom is very concerned about her.  The doctors can't figure out what is going on.  

Please take some time today to pray for Remy, and to pray for Sharon.  Pray for the doctors to discover what is ailing her and how to make her better.  Please pray for her to be healed so that she may begin her treatments soon.  Please pray for Sharon to have peace and to know that she is a wonderful Mommy.  Please pray in whatever way you feel led.  

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wordful Wednesday

As you can see from the picture, Greer is "happily healing" from her laser treatment yesterday. I know that Thankgiving is over, but yesterday reminded me of what I am truly thankful for this year. When Greer came into our life almost 11 months ago, I had no idea how much her little life would rock our world. When she was born with the Port Wine Stain, there were so many questions about her health and her future, and it was my first real experience with that emotional roller coaster that comes when you have a child with health issues.

But we prayed for her, we loved her, we covered her with kisses. We adjusted to life with three kids (which was WAY harder than we had anticipated.....), we visited multiple doctors, we asked lots of questions, and found lots of answers (some that were the polar opposite of the answer we got the fifteenth first time we asked them). I started a blog, I found a support network, we met people we never expected to ever meet in a million years (people who will be friends for a lifetime!). Those friends have prayed for us, and cried with us, and answered our questions. Many of them we will never meet. I started to receive emails and phone calls and friend requests on Facebook from other moms. Moms with babies born just after Greer, and they were right there where I was in January. And I was able to help them, and pray for them, and tell them what I had learned. It has definitely come full circle.

Greer began laser treatments, and they were NOT fun (as Lucy would say)! She cried, and was bruised, and was swollen, but with each treatment it got a little easier. Her birthmark is almost gone. It's fading away more and more with each treatment, and for that we thank our loving, faithful God. We thank the doctors and the nurses and our family. So far she has no signs of Sturge-Weber Syndrome, and we will pray for that to continue. The next year will hold a few more tests to be sure, but so far so good.

So this holiday season, I am thankful. Thankful for our health, our family, our friends, our church family, our blog followers, our prayer warriors.....all of it. And I am thankful for the precious angel that Greer is. She is just about the most delicious baby on the planet. I am so in love with her (and all my babies), and I just praise God for giving them to me.

Praise Be To God....for HE is faithful!

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nope, It wasn't a bar brawl....

Even though Greer does look pretty drunk and beat up!!!  She did GREAT today (well, except coming out of anesthesia)!  Thanks so much for all the prayers, and for the words of encouragement.  They were definitely felt!

She got some good bruising (which usually leads to more fading).  Her ear is unusually swollen this time, and it sort of looks like an old man ear :)  I will try to get some good pics of it later.  We'll be gooey and bruised for close to 2 weeks, but should be good as new in time for Christmas morning pictures!

Dr. Theos put a few dots on her face to outline the birthmark.  It has lightened so well, sometimes it can be hard to see when she is put to sleep.  I was relieved by the conversation I had with Dr. Theos concerning Greer's eyes.  She believes it would be a very good idea to coordinate a check of her interocular pressure by an Opthamologist during her next treatment at the end of January (it is best if done while they are under anesthesia).  That is a huge answer to prayer.  I mean HUGE!!  More verification that I'm not CRAZY!!!  I have been wanting to have a baseline pressure check so that we can better detect glaucoma if it develops in the future (praying for it to NEVER develop).  

And here....well, we were just trying to stay entertained!!!

An Unbelievable Contest for Some VERY Worthy Causes.....

Check THIS out!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Treatment #5....Here we come!!

My sweet precious baby girl is headed for laser treatment #5 in the morning.  If you don't know her birthmark story, I encourage you to read about it here.  It is amazing how far she has come, and all the things we have learned as we travel this journey with her.  Greer is an absolute blessing from God, and she has taught us so much in her short little 10 months here on Earth.  

5 o'clock is going to come early, and I know I need to be sleeping.  I am pretty hyped up and anxious, even though I know she is in God's hands.  She will be put to sleep again for this treatment, and with that comes a bit of anxiety.  I know that God will be with her in the operating room, and I will be praying for her and her doctors and nurses as they take care of her.  If you feel led, I would love some extra prayers in the morning.  We have to be there at 6 and Chris will be staying with the other kids and getting them to school.  I know I can handle it, but knowing that you are praying for us will surely give me peace as I sit and wait for her to come back from recovery.  I plan to keep my twitter up to date, too.

Chris has just gone back to bed, after sitting with me and praying over our sweet one.  I have so much to be thankful for, and I praise God for the amazing healing we have seen so far.  I think I'll go join him and pray for some peaceful sleep....for all of us!