Sunday, August 31, 2008

Roll Tide Roll!!

Reeves and Daddy on the first game of the season in 2002....don't ask me who they played, but I guarantee that Chris remembers every detail of the game!
Check out that game day intensity!!!

Fastforward to 2008!

So, I guess this is cheating just a little bit! I'm only rewinding this "Sunday Rewind" one day, but I hope you'll understand. We are some big fat Bama Fans around here, and yesterday was a terrific season opener! The kiddos were very in to it, as always. Chris was......well, Chris!

Every year, it's exactly the same thing. It's bigger than Christmas to Chris. He lives for this day every year, and every year he is a nervous wreck all day long! And, to top it all off, the game was at 7:00 pm! To Chris, that's like asking your kids to wait till after Christmas Dinner to open any of their's that huge!

We cheered and we grilled out and we dressed the part.

The kids were very excited this time....they know what a big deal it is to Daddy. Lucy even squeezed in to this cheerleader outfit one more time (I literally had to climb into the attic and pull it out of the 3T clothes from last year). I think this week we will be shopping for a new outfit! Oh, and hopefully Reeves will earn enough stickers to get a new "Alabama Football Helmet"! More on that to come....

Friday, August 29, 2008

A Day in the Life!

When you have 3 kiddos, the baby sometimes must fend for herself.  She finds great pleasure in torturing the cat (who, by the way, is doing AMAZINGLY well despite her terminal liver cancer....God bless her).  Poor, sweet Lily is quite a sport, and I am trying to keep Greer from driving her completely bonkers. 

What you see here is a typical picture of our weekday afternoons.  Reeves has been busy with his "book" (I'll be sure to post a picture when he has finished it), and Lucy just wants to do whatever he does.  She is going to be more than ready for kindergarten.  

Greer is just happy eating rocks (don't worry....I'm vaccuuming out the fireplace in the morning) and pulling Lily's hair.  

And this is my new favorite picture.  She's all lips and eyes!  Couldn't you just eat her with a spoon!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


**Update** I have linked this from BooMama's site for "Before and After"  My before and after pics are at the bottom of the post (and you'll actually see the after FIRST...).  For what it's worth, I gave up on the CVS thing that I mention at the beginning, but maybe you'll be inspired!  Happy Day to you!

As you've probably noticed, times are tight these days, and it is kind of turning me into a bit of a frugal freak!  I am trying to find ways to save money in just about any and every way.   I am far from where I could be on the money saving bandwagon, but I'm making progress every day.  

Some of the girls I work with are workin' the system at CVS, and tomorrow I will attempt to join in on the money saving fun.  If you are interested in this phenomenon check out this and this.  How it works is about as clear as mud at the moment, but my colleagues assure me that once I've done it myself it will start to make sense.  If you have any tips or want to call and give me the Cliff's Note version, I would greatly appreciate it!  I am still a bit sleep deprived, and therefore still trying to regrow some brain cells lost to another precious baby!

I know I've talked about it a bit already, but one way I am really saving some money this time around is by making all of Greer's baby food.  It is amazingly simple, and amazingly more yummy.  She is eating foods that Reeves and Lucy have yet to try.  I thought I would give you a little visual inspiration if you decide it's for you.  I know that I am way behind the times with this one, and that many of you have done this for all of your babies.  But, if you haven't done it, and you have a new baby (or plan to)....I wanted you to see just how easy (and inexpensive) it really can be.  

Just a few little stats:
*1 ice cube tray full of pureed food is the equivalent of $4 in jarred baby food
*1 bunch of bananas (about 8 bananas) costs me less than $2 at Costco and fills 3+ ice cube trays
*you can buy a huge jar of unsweetened organic applesauce for about $3 and the equivalent in baby food would cost you 5X as much (same with yogurt)
*Greer's most favorite foods aren't available in commercial baby food packaging:  avocado, lima beans, broccoli, mango, pineapple, pumpkin with apples and cinnamon, blueberries, zucchini, nectarine, apricot, black eyed peas, cantaloupe, honeydew melon
*1 $5 butternut squash makes the equivalent of $12 of the prepackaged versions 

I could go on and on and on....

Check out my pics below, and the link over there on the side (under my favorite websites). However, I should really credit Angela with this enlightening!  She opened my eyes to how easy it really is (she's also a fellow foodie, and I love that about her!).  Thanks, Ang!

This is my current "stock"!

I label everything and put a date on it (it should be fine in the freezer for about 3 months).  5 Avocados filled this ziplock bag!  I have also figured out that 3-4 cubes equals a standard jar of baby food (when thawed).  I thaw the cubes in glass bowls until they are just melted (Greer likes her fruit cold and her veggies just a little warm).  

Another great thing about the cubes are the possibilities for mixing foods (making your own little recipes).  I mix peas and carrots, bananas and avocado, spinach and sweet potatoes, squash and zucchini, yogurt and applesauce (with a dash of cinnamon), lima beans and carrots, plums and peaches.....the combos are endless!

Individual cubes!

I just baked this whole butternut squash like you would bake a potato.  After about 1.5 hours at 350, I could just scoop it and puree it (I do add a little water to make it smooth and easy to blend)....soooo very easy!

Butternut squash in progress!  Notice the Magic Bullet (it's my secret weapon)!  I filled 3 trays with that one squash!

Hope this gives you some inspiration!  If I can do it, anyone can!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Almost 2 years ago, I had to have some surgery on my hand. The kids were fascinated by how gory my hand looked and by all of the staples, stitches, bandages and such. The surgery required some serious physical therapy, and one of my exercises involved something called thera-putty. My thera-putty just so happened to be neon absolutely irresistible glob of goo to a 2 year old!

Around Christmas-time and just after my surgery, Aunt Becca (aka my sister Erin) came home for a visit. She arrived while Reeves was in school, so Lucy and I went to the airport to pick her up. It was hard to find time to do that thera-putty therapy, so I often did it in the car (it involved kneading it with my hand). As you can imagine, the kneading made it pretty soft and warm.

I had been working on it for a little bit as we drove back home and Lucy asked if she could see it. I was just so excited to have my little sister home, I said "sure, Lu" and handed it right to her. What perfect entertainment for little Lucy! She would be occupied and I could catch up with Aunt Becca. In fact, we were so involved in our conversation that we didn't even notice the shenanigans Lucy was getting in to. Until we heard a little voice from the back seat say,

"Look Mommy" (and it was very calm and casual by the way)

We turned around, and this is what we saw...

Of course I asked Erin to see if she could just pull it out. She inspected it a bit and said... "I think it's gonna have to wait till we get home. It's bad!"
How bad could it be....I mean really!?
By the time we got home, it had absolutely melted to her scalp. This stuff is like silly putty mixed with playdoh mixed with modeling clay mixed with glue (oh, and it's NEON pink!)
I was absolutely overwhelmed with the disaster!
I worked on it for a little bit (well, a long bit), and this is as far as I got....

By then (at least an hour later), it was time to call in reinforcements! I was not going down without a fight! It had taken her 2 years to grow this hair, and I was not going to cut way, sista!

Millie to the rescue! She is a dear friend (and hairdresser extraordinaire) and I knew she would have the answer. What you see here is a mix of conditioner, mayonnaise, and peanut butter (chunky peanut butter to be precise...that was all I had. Note the chunks!). Throw in some patience, a Popsicle (or 4) and a fine toothed comb and you have a miracle!

No scissors required!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Healing and Other Adventures

Well, we're all healing up pretty nicely around here! It has been quite a week at the Mileski House, and I am hoping to make it to work tomorrow and Sunday. I've had the crud (well, actually, we've all had the crud but I'm the last and the worst). It is a pretty quick bug though, and all that remains for me is a lost voice. It hit me hard and fast at work yesterday, and last night was not pretty! I had to teach a class on breathing and relaxation and let's just say, I'm pretty sure those mamas will opt for the epidural. It's hard to teach people how to breath when you can't pass any air through your nostrils. They felt bad for me and said it was OK, but I felt pretty terrible that I couldn't do my job! Today it moved down to my chest and I've all but lost my voice (which my children and husband love). I have mastered the "whisper yell," however, and think that if there was an olympic event for this skill I would win the gold!

I mentioned that we're all healing up, and that means Greer is all cleared up from her most recent laser surgery on her Port Wine Stain (and we will continue to see fading as it can take several months to see the full benefits of a treatment). She looks absolutely amazing, and I feel like this birthmark is going to all but disappear before too long. God Is Good....and it just feels like a miracle. Thanks for all the prayers and support!

Greer is also healing well from a nasty fall she took last Friday (yep, it was my fault and I have felt guilty, guilty, guilty). You can see the remnants of the scab on the top of her head. I let her topple out of her stroller onto the concrete. Luckily, she didn't bump her head (I caught her just in time), but she did scrape off that top layer of skin. It was one of those bleeding, weepy wounds that just makes you hurt! What makes it even better is that it was witnessed by friends and strangers alike at the neighborhood pool! There was no denying my parental downfall.....but at least everyone was sympathetic (and I haven't received visit from DHR this week)!

Chris and I got some "adult time" at his 20 year high school reunion! It was very fun and it was cool to be the youngest one there! I met some interesting characters, and of course heard nothing but what a great guy my hubby was back in the day (and of course he is still that same wonderful guy)! The kids enjoyed a weekend in Gadrock, and I got some much needed sleep. Greer is actually sleeping a little better these days...but that's not her only new trick! Check out these fine accomplishments!

2 bottom teeth
crawling on all fours
standing on all fours (butt in air...too cute)
clapping when you say YAY
playing "patty cake"
blowing some mean raspberries
eating chicken and pumpkin and yogurt and cheese (she loves them fact, she ate half a chicken breast on her own tonight along with green beans, avocado, peaches, yogurt and sweet potatoes)! I think we'll break the 20# mark at 9 months!

Reeves and Lucy have had a pretty good week, too (they had the crud in Gadsden, and were well by Sunday evening). Lucy is singing me a new song everyday, and Reeves got some homework this week. We have nightly reading, an occasional math game, and flashcards. He loves Mrs. Anderson (and have I mentioned that I love her, too).

Oh, and Lucy told me today that she has a new favorite color! I'm partial to the blue-green crayola crayon myself!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pray for Alan Henley

Lucy is in a class with lots of new friends this year, and one of those new friends is a sweet little girl named Skylar.  Lucy just loves Skylar and talks about her all the time.  Skylar's daddy, Alan, was in a terrible accident this Summer that has left him in very serious condition.  I have been praying for him and his wife Jen since I met Jen at the kids parent orientation, and recently learned that they have a caring bridge site.  It makes me sad to add another caring bridge link to the site, but blessed to be able to pray for this family and to invite you to pray, too.  I think that the caring bridge site (and other sites like it) is just amazing and such a blessing to families going through difficult medical challenges.   Please check it out, and pray for the Henley family!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


It has been a great weekend! I got some much needed sleep (the eye has STOPPED twitching....finally!), and had some lovely alone time. Hair, nails, shopping, singing at the top of my lungs in my car, reading, sleeping....ahhhh (it felt a bit odd really!). The kiddos spent Saturday afternoon and night with my parents in Gadrock, and Chris and I attended his 20 year High School Reunion! It was fun and funny all at the same time! I'm actually looking forward to mine in a few years....

I spent tonight with a very special circle of friends. We enjoyed a meal at one of our favorite places (Brio), and of course caught up on life! We do this once a month and it is something we all look forward to. We each host 2 months out of the year (one month we pick a restaurant and the next month we host in our home). Our little supper club has been going now for about 2 years, and we haven't missed a month yet. It is something we hope to continue for years to come, and I have felt so blessed to reconnect with these dear friends. We met while at Samford University (as nursing students and sorority sisters....well they were all in one sorority and I was in another, but they make me feel like an honorary member. Lauren and I both grew up in Gadsden, but didn't really get to know each other till college). All of us are so very different, yet very much the same. We love each other, we love our families, we love is a wonderful sisterhood.
This picture (Becky, Jodi, me, Lauren, Amy, and Melinda) was taken at our annual Christmas party in 2006 and gave me an idea for what I hope becomes a new regular feature on my blog. My primary goal when starting this blog was to capture moments and stories in our life in words and pictures. I wish now that I had started it years ago because I am already enjoying looking back at the old posts to remind myself of where we have been (it's amazing how short your memory becomes when you have little ones). I'm no good at the scrapbooking thing, and the baby books still have lots of blank pages! For some reason, the blogging thing is much easier for me. I heard someone call it scrapblogging and I think that is a wonderful way to describe it. On top of it all, I get to share it with our loved ones....near and far.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sleep Deprivation

I've had a twitching eye for about 2 and a half weeks now.  You know what I'm talking about, right?  That totally annoying twitching that you have absolutely zero control know you've had it before (if you figured out how to stop it, please send me some remedies!....)

I'm kind of tired of it!  
I know why I have it (more in a minute), but I just want it gone.  I've tried shutting my eyes for periods of time and massaging eye humors me for a while, but then it is back to it's jumping around (reminds me a bit of Reeves).  
My mom says I need a heavy dose of Valium (might be nice to be knocked out for a while), I've tried a bit of Klonopin (don't think I took a big enough dose), and tonight I learned that Tonic Water (and we'll just poor in a bit of Vodka for good measure) may make it stop.  Another solution involves needles in the eye (Botox of all things), and if you know me well enough, you know that I may allow the twitch to go on till Greer gets married if that is my only option.  Any other ideas appreciated!  
Sadly, I pretty much know that the best solution would be a good night's sleep....but I just think that God has decided that I don't ever need to be allowed to sleep more than 1 hour at a time, ever again
I think He has realized that the middle of the night is when we have our greatest conversations, and that he doesn't want to lose the company.  I am begging for mercy!  I am promising you right now, God, I'll find some time during the daylight hours! 
 I really mean this all in good fun....I know that it will get better and that one day I will wish they were little again so that they would want to sleep with me!  For now though,  I just look forward to an uninterrupted nights sleep!

All that said, here are some of the funny things that may happen when you don't ever get to sleep for more than 1 hour at a time:
1.  You manage to get liquid laundry detergent in your hair while doing a load of towels and dirty bibs.  
2.  You allow your daughter to run around in public in a leotard and rainboots, with tangled hair.  Clean mouth optional.  
3.  Sleeping becomes so precious that you are willing to sleep in a twin bed with a kicking 6 year old if that's what it takes.  
4.  You go to great lengths to get everyone asleep at the same time, even if it means napping in the car in the garage.  
5.  You curse the Olympics for contributing to your inability to get up off the couch and GO TO BED, but you can't help yourself.  I love the Olympics!
6.  You have car issues....major car issues (see previous posts).....well, maybe that doesn't have anything to do with sleep deprivation :) 
This weekend, my parents are going to have all three children for one night.  I AM BESIDE MYSELF with joy!  I am so obsessed with the thought of uninterrupted sleep, that I can't help but tell any and everyone who will listen!  
Whew....I feel better now, and I'm going to bed!   
So, thanks for listening!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lucy the Gymnast/Runway Model/Fashionista

Like Lucy's outfit for the day yesterday?  Yep, she wore this getup all over town!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

7 Months Old and Happily Healing!

Greer's 4th laser treatment was a week ago today, and it was a really great one!  I mentioned before that I was a little worried that we didn't see as much bruising this time, but unbelievably, she has already had some amazing fading.  Thanks to my good friend Maria, I'm going to try not to get too hung up on the bruising from now on.  In our experience (2 times now), lack of great bruising does not mean lack of fading.  Thanks be to God for such wonderful results!

Her next treatment is scheduled for September 23.  We'll pray for just as nice of an experience.  We are getting closer and closer to maintenance with each, that will be a nice day!!!
As for my sweet 7 month old, well, she is doing some amazing things these days.  She has 2 little baby teeth, is trying to crawl (she is sooooo close), and she is clapping at any and everything she sees.  She is absolutely the most happy baby on Earth.....
She loves her sister and brother, loves to jump in her Johnny Jump Up, and is eating me out of house and home.  She is loving everything I feed her.  Some new things on the list:
black eyed peas, toast, chicken, yogurt, graham crackers, pineapple, and whole blueberries.  
She loves eating and playing and of course...sleeping!
We spend lots of time with our good buddy Ben (seen here in a blur)!  His mommy Angela is one of my best friends, and we are so blessed to be raising our kiddos together (Ben's big sister Maddie is one of Lucy's best buds!).  Greer and Ben played together today, and I tried to get a good picture, but it is near to impossible to get them both in a "still" moment.  
Awww...the joys of babyhood!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Chris Out of Town = Car Troubles

If you know me very well, you know that drama follows me!  I just think I am a magnet when it comes to complicated and comical situations.  Many people who are keeping up with this blog have mentioned that it is nice to read about someone who is experiencing some of the same things they are....some of those real life experiences.  From here on out, I am going to try to give you a little more perspective on my life as it happens....for better or worse.  It will be interesting for me (and enlightening) to go back and read some of these things later, and I think it may give you a few laughs (and maybe tears) along the way. 

Chris had an unexpected trip to Nashville last week.  The first week of school.  The week of Greer's treatment.  Not a good week to have to go out of town, but that's life, right?! 
The last time Chris went out of town (just a couple of weeks ago), there was a car crisis.  
We have a Honda Odyssey and a really old (paid for) Jeep Cherokee.  We are really bad about keeping up with keys.  We have had only 1 key for the van for a while (only God knows where the others have gone).  It just so happens that the last time Chris was out of town, I lost that key.  
The van had to be towed to the dealership, serviced, reprogramed, and keys was an ordeal.  Not to mention the fact that the kids were in bathing suits ready to have a great day at the pool when I  realized we couldn't go anywhere....I thought that was about the worst thing that could happen, no more car problems now that we have plenty of keys.
I was mistaken!!!
Last Friday, the second day of school, we had another car crisis. 
With Chris out of town, I had to do it all.  It was not quite as easy to drag the kids out of bed as it was on the first day of school.  I finally got them going, loaded in the car, and snatched Greer out of bed right at the last minute.  I had noticed that the car had been slow to crank for a couple of days, but didn't think much about it (stupid!).  This time, it chose to be DEAD as a DOORNAIL!  
I panicked.  I called everyone I thought could be home, with no luck.  I ran around the garage and said a couple of things I probably shouldn't have.  Then, I decided to start knocking on doors.  I ran up into the cul-de-sac at the exact time that my neighbor, Jeff, was driving up.  He managed to drive his car into my garage at the perfect angle (after a little rearranging of various riding toys) and jump my van off. 
I flew off in a blur, had to check Lucy in to school, and arrived home about 1 hour later.  Greer had been up for about 1.5 hours at this point with no food.  She was not a happy camper.  Turns out my car died again when we got home.  My friend, Kay, picked Lucy up for me, and when Chris got home he handled everything.  As usual. He is the calmness that balances out my drama!  
Cool, calm, collected.  
I, on the other hand, am not quite as cc&c.  I tend to turn into Linda Blair when things like this happen.  Opposites attract....I know!
So, Chris is going out of town tomorrow night.  Is anyone willing to be on call?  Better yet, will you come and spend the night with me?  
Just let me know what time you'll be over!!!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

What a Great Day!

The first day of school has come and gone, and another "year" is under way.  The kids (all three of them) had wonderful days, and I am just so very thankful for that.  It is quite stressful leading up to this day every year.  Will they like their teacher?  Will they make friends easily?  Will they get out of bed and get dressed without threat of beatings and deprivation!?!

It was so smooth, I am just in absolute awe!  Oops, let me rephrase that....

After we reevaluated Lucy's backpack situation, everything went swimmingly!  Yes, I made an assumption (and you know what they say about those)!  I assumed that Lucy would be cool with the diaper bag with straps like a backpack (since her new "big girl" backpack has yet to arrive from L.L. Bean).  Oh, my-my, was I MISTAKEN !!!  Lucy was NOT fine with it.  This massive breakdown occurred just moments before I was to take the obligatory first day pictures.  

"There's no crying on the first day of SCHOOL !!!"  Crisis!!!

I panicked!  I was running around like a wild woman, yelling at Chris to make her stop crying.  And then I found the college L.L. Bean backpack.  The one that would absolutely HOLD Lucy!  I dumped out the contents, stuffed it with her lunchbox, change of clothes, and necessary other items, and we were ready.  Picture perfect in an instant!  Lucy carrying a backpack almost as big as she is,bearing the initials MER!  

After pictures, they were off....Chris drove them and I stayed home with baby Greer.  We had a great day, by the way.  All those things I mentioned in the last post (shower and coffee....) happened, and then we had lunch with our friends Kay, April, and Lori.  It was so wonderful.  

The kids shared so many stories with me this afternoon, and they both had a great day.  Thank heaven for a wonderful start to the new year!  Hope you enjoy the pictures, too!  Mrs. Anderson (Reeves' teacher) even sent me a couple from their day!  Did I mention that I love her!!!?  

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I can't believe tonight is a SCHOOL night!

The bags are packed, the clothes are laid out, the notes are written, and the snacks are packed and in the fridge.  We met our teachers and dropped off our school supplies and proved our residency....I know I'm forgetting something!

Tomorrow, Reeves and Lucy are off to school for another big year!!!  

Summer went too fast (as always), but the structure is going to be a nice change.  A little bit of an adjustment, but a nice change.  I actually think that if we were home together much longer, we might need a visit from the Supernanny!  My patience is about out, and I know that I am a better mommy when I have at least a few hours each day to get my thoughts together and the house under control.  An uninterrupted cup of coffee followed by an uninterrupted shower absolutely transforms me into an actual PERSON!  A person capable of handling even the most challenging of mommy moments!  What is amazing to me is what a walk in the park it will feel like to just have baby Greer to take care of.  When Reeves was a baby, I struggled to even get a shower everyday!  My how times have changed!!  But I digress.... 

We couldn't be luckier in the teacher department!  Mrs. Anderson (Reeves' 1st grade teacher) and Ms. Fraiser (Lucy's 4K teacher) are both absolutely wonderful!  Reeves has many buddies in his class and a class size of only 14.  He is really going to do well this year....I just feel it.  Lucy will do great, too, but she doesn't know a single little soul in her class.  Luckily, she makes friends easier than anyone I know, so I don't see it as a problem.  She's the type of girl who calls the friend she met 5 minutes ago her "best friend EVER"!!!

So, tonight, I'm praying for peaceful sleep for all of us.  I want them to be at their best for the first day.  Of course I will be updating you tomorrow with first day pictures and stories.  Thank the Good Lord we started the bedtime bootcamp 2 weeks ago.....they were down without a fight by 8:15! 

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.   Philippians 4:7

Today was like the peace and stillness that comes after the storm.

It wasn't the best night we could have had, at least not from Greer's perspective.  She had a fit-full night, waking almost every hour.  I fed her at 10, and couldn't really feed her again after that because of the treatment today.  I "slept" in Lucy's bed most of the night, just to save a few steps.  Turns out, I simply prayed most of the night.  I prayed for peace and rest.  I prayed for God to help me to be less anxious and to be the kind of mom that my kids need me to be.  I prayed for my sweet baby Greer to have an easy day and treatment.  I slept a little, but mostly I just talked to God.  I knew I would be tired today, and I was, but I was at peace.  I had that kind of peace where you just know that God is right beside you.  I'm working on my "God Vision".  I want to feel this kind of peace all the time, and I know what it's going to take.  It is going to take me truly depending on Him....truly knowing He is right there in everything.  

I mentioned before that Mom was here to stay with the big kids while Chris and I went with Greer (thanks so much Mom....I don't know that today would have gone as well without you to help entertain them!  I love you so much!)  When I went to get Greer this morning, Reeves woke up.  I said, "Hey Buddy...go get in bed with Charcey.  We'll see you when we get back."  He raced up to me and said,"Wait, I need to give Greer a kiss....let me give my baby a kiss."  It was absolutely precious, and it just made my heart melt.  His love for her is so pure, so gentle.  

We made it to Children's South just in time (after a little fight about stopping for breakfast....), and we were quickly sent back to our room.  I must say, I was very impressed with the whole process.  The place is so nice and kid put us at ease right away.  

As soon as we were alone with Greer, Chris wanted to say a prayer for her, so we did.  We held her, and he prayed.  His prayer made me all the more at peace....I am blessed to have a most faithful husband who is eloquent in his conversations with God.  I felt Him there with us, holding her up.  

It took a little while till they were ready for her, and just before we completely ran out of tricks to distract her from her hunger pangs, they came to take her away.  That was the hardest part....just letting her go.  I know it is a quick and simple procedure.  I knew that she was in the best of hands, but there is something about handing your child over to be put to sleep.  Again, I felt God with me.  Peace.

She was back in my arms in about an hour, and she was NOT happy.  She woke up kinda crazy from the anesthesia (which can happen) and she had a bit of vomiting in the recovery room (just like her mama), but as soon as she was in my arms she settled down.  She was in a druggy kind of daze (which she kinda stayed in all gave all of us some laughs) and we were able to leave pretty soon after that.  

The purpura (bruising that occurs following the laser treatment) wasn't bad at all this time.  Not sure yet if that is a good or bad thing, and I'm a little perplexed about that....  Only time will tell what kind of results we will see.  Her doctor is amazed by the fading, and is pretty confident that she won't need too many more till we reach maintenance.  We'll see what the future holds with that, too.    

After a good long nap, she woke up pretty much her normal, sweet self.  She actually ate more today than she does on most days, and she napped really well, too.  In fact, she learned a new trick today.....rocking on all fours.  Isn't is just amazing how quickly they bounce back? If it had been me, I would have stayed in bed all day moaning and groaning.  

So for us, today was much more than a treatment day.  It was a day of reflection, of prayer, of peace, and of self discovery.  I am working on so much right now, and this sweet baby girl is a facilitator of God's love and grace.  I thank God everyday for giving me such a precious gift!

Quick Treatment Update....More Later!

Greer's treatment went well.  She was a little crazy coming out of the anesthesia, but that is to be expected.  She has been asleep for a while, and now is my chance for a quick nap, too.  Mom took the kids to the pool.  I'll post more with some pictures later!  

Thanks for all the prayers, emails, calls, and messages.

Today, I am feeling peace!  Praise be to God!

Monday, August 4, 2008

On the Eve of Greer's 4th Treatment

Today has been a hard day for me.  I have had a lot of anxiety (something I have struggled with since after Lucy was born), and just general yucky emotions.  Yes, I was a crazy person today!  I am trying to go easy on myself though, because this is a big (and emotional) week for us.  A treatment and the start of school all in one week would probably bring on anxiety in even the most seasoned mom! 

 I've prayed a lot today (for patience and peace and forgiveness), and I am feeling much better than I was earlier in the day.  Plus, my mom is here to help....she sensed my anxiety from a call earlier in the day and when I got home from the 1st grade parent meeting tonight, she was here.  Even though I told her I was fine and that I could handle it alone, I am grateful she didn't listen to me.  Now Chris will go with us and mom can stay with the big kids.  I guess moms do know best.
Greer has to be at the hospital at 6:15 in the morning for her treatment.  She can't have formula after midnight so I am planning to feed her in just a bit before I go to sleep.  Thankfully she can have juice up until 4.  That is a blessing since she has still been waking up to eat every morning around 4.  Maybe she won't need it with the late night feeding I have planned....we'll see.  
They will put her to sleep with gas (through a mask) and then will insert an IV and a breathing tube once she is asleep.  She shouldn't even remember any sticks (or laser zaps)!  When she wakes up in recovery she has to be able to drink something and keep it down and then we can come home.  We may even get home before Reeves and Lucy wake up.....that would be cool.  
I'll let you know how it goes as soon as possible.  Any and all prayers are appreciated, and thanks for caring enough to check in.  We feel loved beyond measure!  God is good, and I know He will be right there with us tomorrow.  The peace I am finally feeling is a testament to that!
Good Night.... 

Bye, Bye Birthmark!

to see Greer's Birthmark disappear

before your very eyes!

Yay God!!!

If you want to know more about our journey, you can click here to read all of my posts concerning Greer's Port Wine Stain (emotions, prayers, pictures, treatments, information, definitions, stories from the trenches, etc...). Remember that the posts are in reverse order, so scroll all the way to the end to read from the very beginning.

I love meeting new "birthmark buddies" and answering questions. I also love helpful tips, words of encouragement, prayers, and new information. Please feel free to email me and let me know what's on your heart!

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This list is a work in progress. If you run across any great Birthmark related blogs or resources, please pass that info along. I want to learn everything I can to make Greer's life as beautiful as it can possibly be. Will you join me on this journey?

Big Week!

We have so much going on this week!  I am gearing up for School starting back on Thursday for both Reeves and Lucy and Greer's laser treatment tomorrow.  They will be putting her to sleep this time (and from now on), so I am a bit anxious about what to expect.  I'll keep you posted, and stay tuned for updates and pictures.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

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