Saturday, April 10, 2010

a2 Church this weekend.....

Easter was awesome, and we're following it up with a new series on the Book of Ruth.....I have always wanted to learn more about this book of the Bible. If you live in the 'Ham and you are looking for something new or something different.....

....then join us at a2 Church this Sunday at 9:45. I promise you won't regret it! Click here for more info. If you have questions, I'd love to answer them...shoot me an email.

Have an awesome weekend no matter what your plans are! It's gorgeous out there!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I do have 2 other children....

....and this post is gonna be about Reeves.

This blog has been a bit "Greer" heavy lately. Port Wine Stain treatment, first trip to Disney World, all around baby-ness! Yeah, she has gotten the bulk of the focus here on the blog, but in our REAL life (yes, I do have a rather busy, crazy, amazingly full life outside of this here blog), the big kids have also been capturing a lot of my attention! Thought I might take a minute to fill you in on a few of the best moments!

For at least the next several posts, Greer will NOT be the star. :)

This one will be about Reeves. My biggest baby. My only boy. My lover boy....(sorry, Charcey, he's YOUR lover boy, too!)

Reeves lost his first "top" tooth today.....

....and it was a big. STINKIN'. deal!

Reeves has been DYING to lose a tooth at school, and today it happened. His teacher sent me an email around 9:30 letting me know that our school registrar (Mrs. Sally) had tugged it loose. He was quite proud to wear it around his neck for the rest of the day! Thanks Mrs. Sally!

So now my big kid is sporting a totally big-kid look, and I am sad. And happy. All at the same time. I love this stuff.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Home from Duke and Happily Healing

I can't believe that I have let 2 weeks go by and no POST! I know a lot of you have been praying for my sweet girl as she has been recovering from her latest laser treatment, and for that I am so very appreciative! We were blown away with the team at Duke. Every single part of the experience was exceptional.....not to mention the precious time we were blessed to spend with our dear, sweet friends the Enseys. Oh how I have missed my Amy!

Dr. Burton and his PA, Corbin, were so very informative and kind. I was able to stay with Greer until she was asleep, and met her in recovery. After what felt like mere minutes, we were heading back to Amy's house to sleep off the good stuff....

...or so we thought! Greer vomited most of the way from Duke to Raleigh, and we decided that next time we'll stick around till she's had a little time to sip some juice and wake up a little more. Live and learn I suppose.

We stripped her down midway home, and she spent the majority of the day in her diaper. By the time we got to Amy's she was feeling much better and asking for food.... "I HUNGY Mommy!" I took these pictures while my very drunk girl ate 3 containers of jello! She was lovin' some jello....

....and the ring pop that Corbin gave her!

....and on Tuesday, she ate gobs of pudding! But didn't she look grand....

....very little swelling and lots and LOTS of smiles! She was back to her old self in less than 24 hours. I did notice her scratching at her face more this time. I had never really noticed that before. Other than that, the healing has gone very, very well. I am already seeing some new fading (in particular, her ear.....there is NO noticeable PWS anywhere. Thanks be to God!). But she is still a bit red (and will be for another month or 2).

This picture was taken on Saturday. She is looking beautiful as ever, and we are praising God for leading us to Duke. It has been another miracle in this journey for our family and we plan to pursue further treatments there for now. Dr. Burton wanted us back in 8 weeks, but his office is booked till August. We are praying for an opportunity to go back sooner than August, but if it doesn't happen....well that is OK, too.

For it's God's timeline, not our own. He has us in His hands, and that is all I need to know!

Monday, April 5, 2010

I need to post, I need to post....I NEED To POST!!!

....but how 'bout tomorrow?

Treatment update, Easter pics, Baseball Frenzy, Lucy Drama....

....what could be better?!