Sunday, March 21, 2010

Healthcare Reform hits Home....

Tomorrow morning, Greer and I will drive over to Duke for her 10th laser treatment. We have traveled almost 600 miles to seek the best possible care for our precious baby. Our insurance provider in Alabama has gone above and beyond to make this journey give our baby just what she needs. What a blessing that is! I work hard for a great company and they provide amazing insurance that seeks to serve my family. God bless America!

We have had a wonderful weekend with the Enseys here in Raleigh, and have been so impressed by the opportunity we have found here in North Carolina. Dr. Burton has a great plan and hope that Greer's birthmark has the potential for a lot more fading. He and his staff are confident and capable, and we were blessed to find them. We want to keep coming back till he makes her birthmark disappear. We feel that God has placed us in the best possible hands, with the best possible hosts here in North Carolina.

The passing of today's Healthcare Reform Bill is very disheartening to me. It could mean terrible things for babies born with Port Wine Stains. I feel like Greer was born in a blessed time. She was born mere months after research proved that early treatment of PWS was beneficial. Because of that, she benefitted from early, aggressive treatment. She saw incredible fading before she was even six months old. She is hopefully going to complete serial treatments before the new healthcare plan effects our benefits. We thank God for that! Even with this great opportunity, we feel as if we are in a race against time. She has a ways to go. Dr. Burton feels that she needs several more laser therapies to reach her maximum fading. I am afraid that we won't get there before Obama's plan goes into effect. We are desperate to give our baby every opportunity to erase a potentially debilitating birth defect that Our Current Government deems merely "cosmetically unfortunate". I am counting on our Great God to overcome this, and I beg you to read this position statement from our point of view.....

Let's give babies like Greer a chance at the best life possible! Pray that something changes quickly and that this current plan is modified. Pray for a miracle for these babies, for there are so many less fortunate than we.

Friday, March 19, 2010

My Button Said "First Visit"

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The here and now....

What do I do with all this stuff that is swirling around me? Life, love, relationships. Do I blog about the everyday or do I only give you the deep things within my soul. For now I have chosen to be absent, and it feels right for me.

I'm living. and busy with all this living. Milestones are passing and pictures are snapping, but they aren't shared here. But the moments happen and I treasure them just the same.

I don't know what it means for this space, but for is what it is.

I'll get back with you on this one!