Tuesday, September 29, 2009


....has kicked my booty lately!


I'm trying to decide if it's just because I'm getting older. ahem. I refuse to think of myself as old, but when you're working with nurses who were born in the mid to late 80's, well, you start to feel, well, oldish!

I have worked in the same high-risk Labor and Delivery unit since I graduated from nursing school. That was 12 years ago.....I can hardly believe it! Sure, I've done a few other things since then. I started graduate school right after Chris and I got married. I delivered our first baby just 5 days after graduating with my masters. I've taught for several nursing schools, practiced as a nurse expert, and coordinated prenatal education classes. I have been blessed to take care of every type patient you can think of (in the women's health realm) and I have loved almost every minute of it.

I really have!

It's interesting, and messy, and challenging, and amazing, and frustrating, and hilarious, and gross, and entertaining, and scary, and wonderful, and inspiring, and amazing. It's mostly amazing. And humbling. Yep, that too.

I have a great appreciation for what I am blessed with. Complete, utter appreciation for the life I live. Thanks be to God.

Nursing is a fabulous career....especially if you are a mother. If you are considering going back to school and you are a mom, I highly recommend nursing. You can usually find just about any sort of schedule that works for your life (believe me....I've done it all!) and you learn great skills that will totally serve you well in the adventure of raising children.

Don't believe me? Well, let me just tell you....my mother is a veteran nurse with experience in psychiatric nursing. Let me just say....her years working with mental patients served her well when my sisters and I were teenagers! Right Mom?! I betcha I'll be dusting off my psych textbooks in about 6 or 7 years.


But lately I am soooo tired after a day at work. I do good to get out of my pj's or even get a shower. I'm fine with it though. Chris doesn't care, Greer doesn't care....shoot, she LOVES it, and I totally, completely love it! The big kids? Well, they appreciate it if I don't come to the the bus stop in the afternoon with my pajamas still on....I totally get that!

Today was an awesome day. I stayed in my pajamas till after lunch. I didn't even get in my car.

I did shower though. Just so you know.

I caught up on laundry and rolled around on the floor with Greer. We played on the porch (did I mention how amazing the weather in Alabama was today) and read gobs of books. We colored and ate popsicles. I drank a pot of coffee and talked on the phone with friends. I gave myself permission to "have a day"....

....yep, it was nice.

Monday, September 28, 2009

I love my daughter....

(this was one of my most favorite pictures
from yesterday and I forgot to post it....so,
here ya go!)

....and she loves Taylor Swift!

This video is awesome.

Make sure you go down and pause my playlist first. Go!

Now, click play....

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lazy Sunday afternoon....

.....yeah RIGHT!

So, maybe we've bitten off more than we can chew for this fall, but I'm determined that it's all worth it! See, this is the first time in a really, REALLY long time that I haven't had to work every weekend (or every other weekend) during a "fall-ball" season. So, when it came time to sign the kids up for sports, I decided that it would be "do-able" to have Reeves in fall baseball and flag football.

Sure, we could handle that.

Little did I know, Lucy had some big plans of her own.

This girl was determined to play a sport this fall. How could we possibly deny her? She has never shown an interest in sports until this year, and she asked all Summer when it would be her turn to "play baseball like Reeves". So, Chris and I thought about it and talked it through, and decided that this would be the perfect time to sign her up for some softball.

So, here we are!

Saturday mornings at the flag football field (well, if it ever decides to stop raining here in Alabama): Reeves playing, Lucy cheering. Sunday afternoons at the baseball park AND softball park. I know....we're nuts!

Or are we? I bet there are some brave souls reading this blog who do WAY more than that. God Bless You!

Reeves was exhausted this afternoon, so we let him skip out on baseball camp. Since we had already arranged to have a sitter for Greer (don't even get me started on how nuts we would be to take her to the ballpark!), we let him stay home with them. They both slept the afternoon away while we hit the park with Lucy. What a big day for our girl!!!

I have a picture of Chris working with Reeves that is almost identical to this one. I HAVE to find it so I can show you. My sweet husband is so patient as the batting coach. Doesn't she look like a natural?

I know, I'm biased. Who cares? It's my blog, right?

Check out that determination! Man, does she love it! I really can't believe it. Chris said, "Man, she's really a natural. I kinda feel bad for not working with her sooner!" Guess all three of them will be heading to the batting cages this week!

Plenty of time, plenty of time.

You wouldn't believe how cute they all are out there! Their age group ranges from barely 4 year olds up to 6 year olds. Some are veterans and some have never held a bat. Lucy is loving it so far, and we'll see what happens. It was just the first game. Next week she may be soooo over softball.....
....we'll see!

One of the cutest things they do happens after the game is over. The teams line up and have a relay race with the softball. I think they enjoy this even more than the actual game!

Check out that number 24. If you know my husband at all, then you know that isn't a coincidence! Ha!

...and I haven't even mentioned that we're co-leading a married couple's small group or that we're super involved with church on Sunday mornings (which is an amazingly good thing).

Whew! Would God be disappointed?

Please tell me "NO"!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just 7 Little Words....

....reminded me that it's all worth it.

"You're the best nurse I've ever had!"


Such accolades deserve to be rewarded, doncha think?

Punched the clock, peeled out of the parking deck, stopped by my favorite little Greek restaurant to pick up the most yummy meal, ever! (lamb gyro, tomato/cucumber/feta/basil salad, pita and cucumber dip), hurried home, threw on my pjs, poured a glass of vino, and settled in to watch the results show of Dancing with the Stars.

Don't mind if I do!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Speaking of rain....

The girls are still sleeping and Reeves just left for school, so I'm stealing a few minutes to post a little life update. After several days of fever and coughing, I decided it was time to take Lucy in to see our pediatrician. Turns out, she has mycoplasma pneumonia, but she should be on the up and up as soon as these antibiotics kick in. I am praying that this will be our last illness for a while....we haven't had 1 week since school started (that's almost 6 weeks) when all of us were well. Here's hoping for health and wellness!

Speaking of rain (I wasn't speaking of rain, you say?)....I have a confession to make: I have a love affair with rainy days. Give me a rainy afternoon over a bright sunny morning almost any day of the week. I know, weird.

I love the way the dark clouds make the light look on my walls. I love the sound of the raindrops on the window panes and the wind chimes. I love the flash of lightening and the roll of thunder. I love having a good excuse to stay under the covers or head out for a movie. And of course, I love any excuse to wear these....


....I'm as sick of the rain as I am of my family being sick. As much as I've loved crossing a few things off our busy schedule, I am dying to watch Lucy play in her first softball game and Reeves in action on the flag football field. It's too wet to even practice! Here's hoping for some relief from the wet stuff....soon!

I need to call my sister in Atlanta today to make sure she hasn't floated away. Pray for that city (and all those under water)....I can't imagine how devastating it would be to lose precious memories and loved ones in flood waters. Have any of you been devastated by flood or fire? Chris' house burned down when he was in college and his family lost everything.....there are only a handful of pictures of him as a little boy and I don't know that I've ever seen a baby picture of him. It makes us both sad.

So stay dry and stay well and stay safe. And hug on your people....that's what I'm gonna do today.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My heart is just....

....not in the blog world lately.

But I have a few posts up my sleeve. Promise. I have a lot to tell, but I just can't seem to formulate the words.

I am in the busy process of living and loving and feeling and dreaming and screaming and doing and cleaning and being and praying and laughing and crying and worshipping and talking and sleeping and playing and eating and disciplining and going and napping and living.

I hope you understand.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Alabama Football and Dreamland BBQ....

....what could be better???

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I have a new love in my life.... SHHH, don't tell Chris!

See, I've been a little busy, so I forgot to mention him! **Gasp** I can't believe I forgot to mention him. Meet my new man....

I must admit, it was love at first site! We are still in the honeymoon stage, but I just feel like it is a romance that just might last a lifetime. I can't get enough of him and he meets my every need.

Well, pretty much.

I know, I know....

....all my other boyfriends died slow, painful deaths. I am here to tell you, friends, this bond will NEVER be broken. I just love him way too much! More than all the others plus, I couldn't get insurance on him so I have to be extra careful with him!

Thing is, I know that he has some hidden talents that I have yet to discover....some charming traits I've yet to uncover. I'm looking forward to lots of quality time together in the weeks and months ahead. In fact, I'd love it if you'd help me bring out the very best in him! Any cool tricks you've discovered your boyfriend can do? What features aka Apps turn you on the most? I'd love to hear all about your man!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

An update on things....

First of all, I just want to thank all of you for your sweet words and prayers during this hectic time in my life. Daddy is doing pretty well, and has been moved to inpatient cardiac rehab (a HUGE answer to prayer) where he will have intensive therapy and get his sea-legs back so to speak. It will give my mom a chance to catch her breath a little, too. We know he's in good hands and we are praying that he makes a speedy recovery.

Please pray for my mom. Sometimes the care-giver needs more prayers than the receiver, and I want her to know that I think she is a "ROCK STAR" for handling things with such poise and grace. I feel so helpless here in Birmingham while she has so much I could be helping her with in Gadsden. I am torn between my crazy life here....school, ball, homework, dance, work, naps, preschool, church, etc..... and my family life there. I want to help her, but there is not much to do but pray.

Pray I will.

On the homefront.....Lucy is well and should be headed back to school tomorrow thank our Father in Heaven!!!. This "illness" has anything but slowed her down, and she needs to be in school. We've done about all the baking, reading, baby playing, dress up, changing clothes, coloring pictures, and so on and so on I can handle. I can't wait for a "regular" day.

But what is a regular day.

I sure would love to find out.

Then again.....

....maybe not!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Blessed Beyond Measure

This past week has been one of the most overwhelming weeks of my entire life.


Daddy's still in the hospital, and I can't be there to help my mom (who needs God's strength and our prayers most of all). While Daddy was still in ICU, I spent 8 hours in the ER gripped with pain from my ailing gallbladder and promised my family I'd take the time off to have the surgery I need......soon. On Tuesday, Greer had her 8th laser treatment. On Wednesday we both recovered. On Friday, Reeves had a fieldtrip that I couldn't chaperone (cause I had to get back to work) and Greer fell at school and hit her head and lost consciousness for a few seconds and had to go to the Emergency Room.....and I was working and couldn't take her myself. Thank God my sweet husband handled it with grace and calm. Now? Lucy is running fever and feeling puny. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!

And yet, we're all Ok. None of it is major stuff (well, except for Daddy's recovery....he has a long way to go yet)....compared to what so many others are facing. It's all about perspective, and I know enough to know that I have it good. I know that it's not all about me! It's about growing and learning and trusting and believing. Through these challenges, I'm filled with a peace that passes all understanding.


....I'm sleeping well. I'm soaking in the love of family. I'm praying for my daddy and my precious mom. I'm eating meals with dear old friends. I'm napping and cooking and catching up on laundry. I'm watching football and reading with my kids. I'm running errands with my husband and buying birthday presents for my sister (NO Erin, I didn't forget your birthday :)....

and eating pancakes with bacon and Dreamland Ribs and homemade chicken salad. I'm screaming "Roll Tide"! I'm cheering for dirty little 7 year old football players. I'm helping babies come into the world and teaching new mother's how to breastfeed for the first time. I'm thanking friends for their prayers and support. I'm laughing when Greer spins around till she's dizzy. I'm playing "babies" with Lucy. I'm getting myself ready to lead a small group with Chris. I'm gearing up for football games and softball games and baseball games and dance classes!!

I'm soaking in the sweetness of my life.....

....and as my Pastor challenged me in his message yesterday (man, did I mention how much I needed to spend time in Worship!?) .....

I'm taking time to remember how EXTRAVAGANTLY GOOD God has been to me!

....because despite all the stress and issues and drama and fear and sickness and surprises....

God has blessed me beyond measure!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Healing!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

If you think I look bad....

.....you should see the other guy!

All kidding aside, Greer had a great treatment day! In fact, it was her best treatment yet (in terms of her reaction to it). It has always been a huge fear of mine that she will fah-reak out when we drive into the hospital parking lot. Her take on the whole situation is the complete opposite of what I have feared. She claps and cheers and runs for the door. Why? Well....

They have an awesome playroom and gobs of juice and she gets lots and LOTS of attention from Mommy inside those doors.....what else could a girl ask for?

The nurses love her. They think she is just about the funniest baby on the planet. When I walked her to the OR doors, she took to her nurse right away, and it put my heart at ease. The wait was so short today (shorter than most days), and before I knew it, Dr. T came by to give me a report. She had done really well.

Within minutes, G was back in my arms, happy as a drunk skunk. She spewed some hilarious jibberish, and I honestly laughed out loud a couple of times. It made my heart smile after all these dreadful days. I love my funny, baby girl more than my luggage!

We had a great, normal day together. I've missed the normalcy. But the unknown still looms, and my daddy is still sick. My mom is stronger than any human there is, and she needs lifting up. My sisters are there and I am not and a part of me is hollow. Pray for them. Especially my mom. This is really hard.